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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I came here to Riyadh, there was only one walking street. Riyadh had pavements only in the center, and even though they were narrow, high - almost impossible to move with a baby in a trolley. Since 1 year there has been construction works undergoing in capital, pavements are expanding, more green plants and date trees have been planted. Approximately 2 years ago, a developer started developing a land near us. Marvellous walking street was built - and we could see Saudis and foreigners taking walks on cooler days during the sunlight, on hot - at night.

Most of the people you would see there - have been women. Lack of gyms for women, lack of physical education at schools for girls. Women walk, but it is still considered inappropriate for a them to run or ride a bicycle.


Anonymous said...

About pictures of you. Do you take pictures of yourself without niqab or hijab? Of coures not in order to be shown to all of people but for example for your family. To show your childern how their mother used to look like when she was young or to show it to your grandchildern (in future:)
Thanks for your answer

UMM LATIFA (in Saudi Kingdom) said...

Dear Ann, I hate taking pictures of myself ;) in general, but there ARE some at home :). Yes, I do take pictures of myself without niqab and hijab - rarely, but I do :). In sha Allah, wish to see my grandchildren :).
Thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear for your answer, I think that taking pictures of yourself is one of the most hated actions taken by women, despite their religion ;) Of course this do not apply to models... :)))

Back2thegrove said...

Dear Latifa. I live in Melbourne, Australia and just applying for a job in KAUST, Riyadh. Can you pls tell me a bit about life in Riyadh for newcomers.

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