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Monday, April 25, 2011


Last Thursday, we went to Janadriya festival. It was a great, quite exeptional experience. First of all - not so long ago a complete mixing was allowed at the festival. Still there are few days only for men, but most of the time, festival is open to families. I've not noticed any mutawwas there, a lot of Saudis - mostly women! - were taking pictures with mobiles and professional cameras - a new trend; and there was a REAL concert - with drums, guitar and male singers. The new pavilon was opened - sharqiya, where my kids digged into seaside sand immediately. I have taken some images, which I will post later on, at the moment - few films I shot with my camera!

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Jeddah Photos said...

It seems a wonderful chilling time.. great, wish to be there.

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