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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lulu and Krakus!

all copy rights Umm Latifa (in Saudi Kingdom)
Photos  taken with my mobile....

A new mall - Riyadh Avenue opened in Riyadh few days ago, hosting a Lulu Hypermarket.
I hate new malls  - you have an impression all Riyadh is there, the crowds are crazy and driving me (actually us - my husbands shares my aversion even more) crazy. 
But I had to go!  
I remembered what K, who lives in al-Khobar, were Lulu was opened more then 1 year ago told me: 
they have KRAKUS pickles there and 'kiszona kapusta' (a kind of Polish tradittional, very sour cabbage, you can call it pickled in a way)
My husbands agreed to this adventure.
First of all, location of the mall, I found in the newspaper was wrong.
It directed us to the first Lulu Branch - selling clothes, cosmetics and electronics.
We had to ask there for address of a newest Lulu branch in Riyadh.
When we got there, it was well after 10 pm (my husband was working that day, he could not collect us from home earlier).
Kids were half asleep.
So what! My Polish pickles! 
It was a disaster.
Crowds, crowds, crowds. 
I also had impression I was in India or Pakistan ;) - seems like all Indian and Pakistani community gathered there - they must love LULU very much ;). 
On the edge of a brakedown
(despite people pushing me with their trolleys, I could not locate my pickles!!) 
 I FOUND them!

all copy rights Umm Latifa (in Saudi Kingdom)

Small jar. 
Almost 17 riyals. 
Made in Poland.

I was so happy!
But where was my cabbage?
I carefully inspected shelves in the pickled, canned vegetables section.
No kiszona kapusta ;(.

I gave up.
At least cucumbers!
I headed to my husband who had been already waiting in the queue to the cash register
to speed up the whole process.

We came home.
Kids fallen asleep.
I prepared myself a sandwitch.
I opened my jar.
And - I realized -
I DO NOT MISS KRAKUS pickles any more!
Widely available dill pickles of American Garden are far more better (and bigger and cheaper)!

I have adjusted completely!

all copy rights Umm Latifa (in Saudi Kingdom)


Tara Umm Omar... said...

I don't like malls either and my husband absolutely loathes them. We don't do well with crowds. So we have found a solution: we do half of our shopping at the National Product Center and half of it at Roam. Both of us couldn't be happier!

I make my own dill pickles, its easy. I have found sauerkraut at Tamimi. Haven't had much success making it at home though.

UMM LATIFA (in Saudi Kingdom) said...

Oh, You should try my grandmother's! She is a master of pickled cucumbers and I know I will never exchange them for American Garden ;). But we use certain kind of cucumbers to be pickled in Poland, and I've never saw it here... Cabbage, I might even try making at home.. My Mom says it's easy ;) Well - maybe one day ;)

Tara Umm Omar... said...

I would try them too! I love, love pickles. From as early as I can remember, my father always brought home huge jars of pickles. We also used to buy them from corner stores (equivalent of a baqalah here) and eat them as snacks. Some girls used to put peppermint sticks in the center of them (yuck). Is this how Polish cucumbers look...

UMM LATIFA (in Saudi Kingdom) said...

Oh, we have different ways of preparing pickled cucumbers.... :) These ones on ur link - are regular, fresh ones.
The ones that we use to be pickled
and they are the BEST in the world - are here
(ogórki gruntowe - 2nd from the top and the next one - KORNISZONY)

Tara Umm Omar... said...

I recognize them! These are my favorite type for dill pickles using those cucumbers...

And they are (drum roll) from Polish man name Joseph Vlasic...

I think I've seen them in Carrefore or Hyperpanda once. I regret not getting it then but they are so expensive.

Sofija said...

zdjęcia bardzo ładne całkiem jak silesia city center tu zawsze tez jest tłoczno w godzinach popołudniowych

magdalaena said...

Uśmiałam się na komentarzu, że to chyba Indie czy Pakistan haha Mieszkam w Indiach. Tłumy wszędzie naokoło, nie tylko w mallach to stały elemt życia. Doszło wręcz do tego, że w tłumie czuję się ok. Będąc z wizytą w Polsce dostaję wręcz szoku czy ataku paniki, gdzie są ludzie???!! Haha

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