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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Memorial Hall

© Umm Latifa in Saudi Kingdom

in King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center

One of the historical museums of the Kingdom, affiliated by King Abdulaziz Darat. The contents of this museum constitute a major component of King Abdulaziz Darat. Specialized in King Abdulaziz's history, remainings, personal effects, and features of his personal and public life. Composed of three groups:
1 - bibliography of King Abdulaziz including written texts, some portraits and photographs reflecting his bibliography, growth and efforts to unify the country.
2 - the private library of King Abdul Aziz that includes collection of rare files, periodicals and volumes that had collected during his life, reaching to around (1,551) volumes.
3 - composed of historic acquired pieces, photos, maps, pertinent to King Abdulaziz and the history of the state during his reign. In addition to various riffles, swords, daggers, bayonets, and Saudi coins.

Khazzan Street
Tel. No. : 01-401 1999

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